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A prescient post-apocalyptic novel by debut author Michele Friedman, Gadarene features searing social commentary and unrequited love against the backdrop of societal upheaval.

In a summer of volatile protests and suffocating heat, Atticus meets Amelia amongst the shifting, dancing bodies at a bar on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. When rumor of a hemorrhagic fever roils into reality, they flee the city for safe haven in the mountains of Upstate New York.

Accosted by the elements and monsters, real or imagined, they find reprieve with a group of survivors. However, the first winter decimates their numbers to merely a handful. They abandon their pitiful refugee camp to build a tree house deep within the forest that they hope will be a sanctuary of survival.

On a supply run, Atticus and Amelia meet a stranger named Roman with a truly prized possession — a goat. He returns home with them and Atticus, sensing a growing attraction between Amelia and Roman, turns to an imaginary woman who has taken up residency in his own mind.

When a secret is exposed and a choice is made, a chain of events is set in motion that leads to near catastrophe for the ragged group. When it soon becomes clear that his inner confidant may not be as harmless as he had once imagined, Atticus comes to the sinister realization that those whom he once thought were dead, may be brought forth into the world once again.


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